We provide a wide range of services.

Folland Aerotech Ltd provides a wide range of services, including initial design, continuous product development (CPD), check-stress, damage tolerance evaluation and manufacturing support.

We work on both primary and secondary aircraft structures, and upper stage of commercial rocket structures including Separation System.

Our current portfolio includes work on wing box structures (ribs, spars and skins) pylon attachments, ailerons and flaps. In space domain we analyse Payload Fairings and associated structure such as Interstage Adaptors.



Folland offers both in house and off site solutions in both FFP (Fully Fixed Price) mode or under T&M (Time and Material) conditions, is an approved supplier to Airbus and active in bids to secure ongoing work.



Folland offers both in-house and off-site solutions in both FFP (Fully Fixed price) mode or under T&M (time and material) conditions at competitive rates and is an approved supplier to Airbus Defence and Space and Beyond Gravity (Switzerland) and active in bids to secure ongoing work.

Current activities entail the development of upper stage payload fairings, interstage adaptor and aft-stub adapter structure, systems (electrical / pyro/bonding) and MGSE.



Both permanent and temporary placements are undertaken. We enjoy a good reputation with key clients for sourcing highly sought-after skills at competitive rates, and have the advantage of our recruiters being qualified engineers with vast knowledge of the marketplace, having a wide array of contacts in the industry for reference, should we not have personal experience with the particular candidate.

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