Project History

Since 2014 until present Folland has been involved in undertaking analysis and development of 5.4 metre diameter Payload Fairing (PLF), Interstage Adaptor, Payload Fairing Adaptor, at peak having 35 engineers involved. End user United Launch Alliance / NASA, working via our Swiss partners.

Currently supporting Launch test campaign at NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre in Alabama, providing correlation between actual test results and Finite Element Model, and further evaluation at key areas of structure.

Analysis of Separation System (SEPS) on Mitsubishi Heavy Lift Rocket Payload Fairing, undertaken on behalf of Swiss partners.
Undertaking of Thermal Analysis on numerous Space Satellite Programmes. Completed Work Package on full Thermal and Structural evaluation on Radarsat RX receiver antenna.
Numerous Work Packages undertaken on behalf of Airbus on A350, A320 NEO since 2011, and ongoing.
Stress analysis (CFRP, metallic, FEM, F&DT and classical hand calculations.
Design (CFRP), metallic, kinematics, advanced surfacing, systems.
Interiors design and analysis.